Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

1. Arrival / Departure

Guests may arrive on the day of arrival from 15:00. Departure must take place on the day of departure by 09:00 (morning) at the latest. Exceeding the departure time by more than 30 minutes will result in the charging of an additional night.


Other arrival and departure times can be agreed individually with the landlord. Should the tenant fail to appear on the day of arrival, the contract shall be deemed terminated after a period of 48 hours without notification to the landlord. The landlord or his representative may then freely dispose of the property. A (pro rata) refund of the rent due to early departure will not be made as a matter of principle.


On the day of arrival, the tenant will receive a key code for the rented property in exchange for the registration data (see "5. Obligations of the tenant").


2. special requests and additional agreements

are possible in principle. They require written confirmation by the landlord.


Dogs are not allowed. Limited winter services. 


3. payment

The rental contract becomes valid upon receipt of the down payment to the landlord's account. The down payment of 25% of the rental amount is due within seven days after receipt of the booking documents. After the deposit has been paid, payment of the remaining amount is due 30 days before the start of the holiday. If the payment deadlines are not met, the lessor may withdraw from the contract. Non-payment shall be deemed to be a withdrawal and shall entitle the hirer to re-let the property.


The ancillary costs for electricity will be charged additionally. The energy costs are charged according to consumption. The price per kWh will be communicated in the booking documents.


Due to rising inflation as well as rising energy costs, we reserve the right to adjust the price to the official consumer price index of Statistics Austria ( Therefore, the rental price may increase between the conclusion of the contract and the start of the rental period. The electricity costs are invoiced on the basis of the electricity price charged to the company. With the down payment of the rent (basic price), the value retention is also agreed. A possible price increase due to the increase in value does not justify a change in the cancellation regulations. Should guests wish to cancel the booking due to the adjustment of the rental price, the cancellation regulations of the General Terms and Conditions shall apply. 


3.a. Inclusive services

 - Kitchen towels, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tabs are included in the price.


3.b. Optional services

Bed linen and towels can be provided. Please request in good time:

- Bed linen set (per person) € 10

- Towel set (per person) € 5 

 - Additional firewood (this is our current purchase price from the supplier incl. delivery) € 7/box (subject to change.) Translated with (free version)


4 Withdrawal

You can withdraw from the contract at any time. The withdrawal must be made in writing. In the event of withdrawal, you are obliged to compensate us for the damage incurred:

Days until the start of the rental period

Damage payments in case of cancellation

More than 121 days


120 - 61 days

Deposit (25% of the total price)

60 - 15 days

50% of the total price

14 - 8 days

80% of the total price

Less than 8 days

100% of the total price


The date of receipt of your cancellation notice counts in each case. Amounts already paid will be charged. You can provide a substitute person who will take over your contract under the same conditions.


In such a case, a new rental contract will be drawn up so that rights and obligations are transferred to the new tenant. As soon as, depending on the time, the deposit or the total price has been paid by the new tenant, the renouncing party will also receive a 100% refund of the costs already paid.


4.1 Corona-related cancellations

4.1.1 Cancellation in case of entry ban / accommodation ban

In the event of an entry ban or accommodation ban, cancellation shall be made in writing by the host or the guest.


In the event of an entry or accommodation ban at the planned time of travel, it is impossible for the landlord to provide the service (i.e. rental).


Therefore, the landlord shall refund 100% of the payments already made, irrespective of whether the written cancellation was made by the host or the guest.


4.1.2 Cancellation in case of illness, fear of corona, quarantine, etc.

If the landlord is able and permitted to provide his service (rental), but the guest cancels for personal reasons (including illness, fear of corona, quarantine, increasing corona case numbers, etc.), the cancellation conditions of the general terms and conditions of the landlord shall apply. The GTCs also apply if the hirer is not allowed to leave the country due to national regulations.


Travel cancellation insurance is therefore recommended.


5. Obligations of the tenant

The tenant undertakes to treat the rented objects (holiday home, inventory and outdoor facilities) with care. If damage to the holiday home and / or its inventory occurs during the tenancy, the tenant is obliged to report this immediately to the landlord. 


Defects and damages already detected upon arrival must be reported to the landlord immediately, otherwise the tenant is liable for these damages. A reasonable period of time must be allowed for the rectification of damage and defects. Claims arising from complaints which are not reported immediately on site are excluded. Complaints which are only received by the landlord at the end of the stay or after leaving the holiday home are also excluded from compensation. In the event of any service disruptions, the tenant is obliged to do everything reasonable within the scope of his legal obligation to contribute to the rectification of the disruption and to keep any damage incurred to a minimum. On the day of departure, personal belongings must be removed by the tenant, household waste must be disposed of in the designated containers outside the house, crockery must be stored clean and washed up in the kitchen cupboards.


Due to the statutory obligation to register, the landlord is obliged to report the tenants' registration data completely, on time and correctly to the municipal office. In order to facilitate the process of registration, the tenant will receive a link to fill in the registration data independently before arrival. This form must be completed and signed and returned to the landlord before arrival (to so that the landlord can forward this form to the registration office.


6. Data protection

The tenant agrees that necessary personal data will be stored, changed and/or deleted within the framework of the contract concluded with him/her. All personal data will be treated with absolute confidentiality. 


7. Liability

The invitation to tender has been prepared to the best of our knowledge. No liability shall be accepted for the rental object being affected by force majeure, by power and water failures customary in the country and by storms. Likewise, no liability is accepted in the event of unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances such as official orders, sudden construction sites or disruptions due to natural and local conditions. The lessor shall endeavour to assist in remedying the problems (insofar as this is possible).


Any liability of the lessor for the use of the provided play and sports equipment is excluded. The arrival and departure of the tenant is his own responsibility and liability. The landlord is not liable for personal belongings in the event of theft or fire. The hirer is fully liable for wilful destruction or damage.


The landlord assumes no liability for the offers of other providers (e.g. sports and outdoor programme providers).


8. Final Provisions

Photos and text on the website or in the flyer serve the purpose of realistic description. A 100% match with the rental object cannot be guaranteed. The lessor reserves the right to make changes to the equipment (e.g. furniture), provided that they are of equal value.


Should one or more provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision which comes as close as possible to the economic and legal intention of the contracting parties.


Austrian law shall apply. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance is the place of residence of the lessor.